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With over 30 years of experience in the Newport Beach area, Steam Master has become a trusted name in the industry. Our outstanding technicians have been long-time employees with our company and have become experts at what they do. Our goal is quality workmanship, whether we are cleaning your carpets, area rugs, furniture or cars.

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There are carpet cleaners and then there is Steam Master. With the prevalence of carpet cleaners out there without established reputations or standing, there is something to be said about experience, professionally trained technicians, and a brick and mortar facility with a fully employed staff.

Rug Cleaning Tips

Red wine and carpet are not a good combination! But in most cases if you act on it right away you can keep the spill from becoming a stain.

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Very professional, great work. They did a little over 1000 feet of carpet, with a few really bad spots and it came out great. I was impressed by the attitude and care of the techs. It was not like big corporate where they run the cleaner over it and think(...)

Steam Master –Where Experience Counts (949) 645-1313

What also makes Steam Master unique is that they have their our own in house plant on the premises rather than ship out the work to a third party location. In fact they are the ones who often do work for other businesses. With the trend toward hard surface flooring In lieu of wall- to- wall carpet, the area rug business has soared. Renee explained, “We can provide more time and attention and better control when rugs and upholstery pieces are brought into our store. There is a dry room on location and more tools at our disposal.”